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Cabin rental is a proven industry in New Zealand. We have been manufacturing cabins since 2015, but in 2018 a major increase in our production increased our manufacturing capacity to up to 10 cabins per month.

12%pa RETURN - paid monthly 

Due to the strong interest in leases, Coastal Cabins is offering an ongoing portion of its rental book for sale

    • You buy the cabin including its first 12-month lease
    • We manage the lease and charge a fee
    • We continue to lease for the duration of contract
    • We guarantee a minimum return
    • You get to claim depreciation
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Coastal Cabins Ltd is in the business of manufacturing Mobile Cabins: one or two-bedroom structures with kitchen and bathroom that lease for $200-$400 a week and sell for $50,000 to $95,000.

Investment FAQ's

We will manage it along with our own rental cabins

We will manage it along with our own rental cabins

We manage your cabin and bill your maintenance account accordingly. Cabins are compact & durable; thus repairs & maintenance are expected to be minor.

No, the tenant pays utilities and rates, if any.

Many cabins have GPS trackers on them. They are insured, and we take a bond as well.

Yes. You also can buy the cabin with 12-month notice, taking possession at end of the current lease

The rental market is set by NZ’s housing market that includes expensive land prices. Cabins rental does not include the land, and cabins make most efficient use of space, so they cost a lot less to make than rental homes. Kiwi-Build says an affordable 2-bed living unit is $600,000. Cabins are $60,000 ~ $95,000.

Prior to end-of-lease, we market a new lease, either to the existing tenant or a new one. We guarantee you will make no less than 10% per annum for the duration of our management on your behalf. If occupancy drops below that income, we pay you anyway. Our rental return guarantee is for 50 weeks only as we may need to refurbish before returning the cabin to a new tenant.

People always need shelter. Our lease prices are at the bottom of the market. We are in control of your investment, so this gives us incentive to protect it for you.

We are happy to sell you a cabin, or a fleet of cabins where we manufacture them and deliver them to your site. You find your own tenants and manage your own investment. However, be aware that demand for cabins is high, and there may be a significant waiting list. If you are interested, act soon… first come, first served.

We have a number of cabins out on lease and continue to add more. We have “skin in the game”. We have full time staff allocated to taking inquiries, vetting tenants with credit and employment checks and managing the weekly payments.
Cabins are a chattel and are leased (similar to a commercial lease) and are not subject to the Residential Tenancy Act, therefore there are no notice periods that the Act provides for that are applicable, nor is the Tenancy Tribunal.

We have a large number of cabins out on lease and lease to own and have been achieving this level of return consistently.

Investment Enquiry

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