Kiwibuild faces tall order

Source: Sunday Star Times 14/01/2018

Kiwibuild faces tall order

A shortage of housing is just one of the market’s problems, Shamubeel Eaqub writes.

Medium and high density housing needs to be stepped up if the market is to keep up with demand

We need to build more houses. But the track record has been mixed. At the peak of the cycle we seem to be building enough houses, but not for the rest of the time.

There needs to be a fundamental shift in how we approach housing, including creating entirely new classes of housing.

The Government’s KiwiBuild policy is still taking shape but it needs to be ambitious and careful if it’s going to create a step change.

A quick look at the type of housing we’ve built over the past year shows around 31,000 homes were consented, including detached houses, townhouses, apartments and retirement villages.


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